Fiberglass & Boat Repair Services in Hawaii

Z Glassing has been doing fiberglass in the South Florida area since 1982. Now located in Hawaii, our company specializes in repairing and building fiberglass, parts & glassing surfboards. 

Custom Molds & Tooling

We provide custom fabrication of fiberglass molds and components using high tech composites and materials.

Advanced Composites

Z Glassing has extensive experience working with epoxy resins, vacuum bagging, high-tech composites, carbon/kevlar, etc.

Paint and Gelcoat Finish

Z Glassing is also known for high quality paint jobs & gelcoat finishes using only the finest products available.

"My log was shaped and glassed by folks with many, many years of experience. It is a solid work of art, craftsmanship, and tradition. As a result of deep fin dings in the rails, it needed serious repair. I don’t know many people in South Florida and I searched with unease for somebody with many, many years of glassing experience that would not compromise the quality of the glassing job on my log while doing repairs. Bobby Z repaired the log, I could not be more happy with the repairs he did for me and he turned it around quickly."
Rene Barge
Satisfied customer
"Great work, good local glasser with lots of experience. Bobby Z was able to match the original gelcoat on the hull of my offshore boat after repairing major damage to the gunwale due to heavy winds from tropical storm Rita are you reading this 😉 ... "
Mike Selvanik
Satisfied customer

Welcome to Z Glassing

Z Glassing has been working with fiberglass in the South Florida area since 1982. Now located in Hawaii, our company specializes in repairing and building fiberglass boats & parts.

Contact us below to get started on your custom fiberglass project or repairs.

    Convenient location

    We’re conveniently located in Honolulu, Hawaii and will travel to your location.

    Fiberglass Molds & Tooling

    Z Glassing builds plugs & molds for any type of marine or architectual fiberglass project. Custom plug and mold fabrication for anything made out of fiberglass with polyester or epoxy resins.

    Fiberglass Boat Building

    Z Glassing has experience working with many well-known names in the marine industry. We build flats boats and also sub-contract work on larger boat designs.

    Custom Consoles, Hard Tops & Fish Boxes

    Z Glassing has 5 different console molds to choose from or we will custom fabricate one to your specifications. Hard Tops, fish boxes and any fiberglass part you need we will build.

    Fiberglass Boat Repair

    Boat Repair Services include Fiberglass and Gelcoat repair including color matching as well as non-skid, metal flake, Imron or Awlgrip painting. We work on all marine vessels including Jetskis, SeaDoo, Waverunner, Aquatrax, Polaris, Jet Boats and Sport Boats.

    Z Glassing has been in the fiberglass business for 40+ years. Now located in Hawaii.

    We specialize in repairing and building fiberglass boats, parts, and custom surfboards.